Why Clubhouse?

  • The Ultimate Red Clay Eraser

    Slide Out is the ONLY product that can successfully remove red clay! Don't be fooled by other products that claim to handle the grit!

  • #1 Stain Remover in Sports Today!

    Trusted and used by the pros and their affiliates all across the US! 

  • No, it's not magic, it's science!

    Our products are formulated to remove the toughest of stains and odors with proven results. Try for yourself!

Down in the Dirt

All of our products answer that cleaning distress call which plagues coaches, equipment managers and parents across the country... "How do I get my white uniforms clean?" Look no further, we have your solution! Our uniform cleaner guarantees to remove stubborn grass, dirt, clay and blood stains as well as odors associated with body sweat. Clubhouse products have been formulated to meet the toughest challenges that the outdoor/indoor sports world can deliver.

Hear from our customers

  • Thank you so much for your product. The detergent is unbelievable in how well it cleans. We thought we were using a pretty good detergent but it doesn't compare to Clubhouse. I have been scrubbing baseball and softball pants for 25 years and I am really tired of it. Clubhouse is the answer to keeping from ever picking up another scrub brush.

    Bud Jenkins, Athletic Facilities Manager Austin Peay State University
  • Finally, a product that can get dirt stains out of my uniforms.  The end result is incredible.  After dealing with dirt stained uniform pants for 21 years, I have finally found a product that actually works.  Without a doubt, the best uniform cleaning product I have used.

    Dr. Gregory A. King, Head Baseball Coach Thomas College
  • This is seriously the best product on the market. Nothing else even comes close.

    Ashley Contreras Facebook Review

Slide Out in Action!


Can Slideout be used on color?

It depends…it CAN be used on color polyester uniforms and will not remove the color. It will, however, remover color from cotton material. Before using check the material composition.

Will it remove the color from the stitching?

As long as the stitching is polyester, it will NOT remove the color. You can test the thread by removing a piece and burning the end. If the end curls like rope it is polyester, and will not lose it's color.

Do I use it before I wash the uniform?

NO! Slide Out 1 and 2 are a POST wash treatment. It will work before the wash but you will use more product. When you use our detergent you will find most of the red clay is removed in the wash. You will typically only have the high impact spots that need treating.

Does it need to be rinsed or do I need to re-wash the uniform?

You do NOT need to wash after using the Slide Out product. Simply rinse and dry.

Can I just put the Slide Out 1 & 2 in the washer?

NO. The product is ready to use and if put in the washer it will be diluted and not work.

Does it take out grass stains?

Slide Out 1 & 2 will NOT remove grass stains. The detergent was formulated to remove that stain. Slide Out is formulated to remove red clay stains only.

Is the Uniform Cleaning Detergent safe for an HE washer?

Yes! The Uniform Cleaning Detergent is safe in all machines and on ALL fabrics that are safe to wash in a washing machine. It contains a peroxide based whitener and will not remove color from fabrics.

Will the Uniform Cleaning Detergent take out all stains?

NO! The Uniform Cleaning Detergent is formulated to remove blood, grass, dirt, sweat, and odor. The Slide Out treatment is formulated to remove red clay stains. Neither will remove turf stains.

What removes turf stains?

We have a product called BAM! that will remove turf stains. BAM! is a PRE wash treatment. You apply it to the stain and rub together until you see the stain starting to lift. Wash and dry uniform.

Can I spray it?

NO! When the product is aspirated you will begin to taste and smell the product. Apply it with the applicator tops provided.

Can I mix them together in one bottle?

NO. Slide Out 1 is what is removing the stain. Slide Out 2 is an activator. It is causing Slide Out 1 to be activated instantly.

Do I need to use your Uniform Cleaning Detergent?

No you don’t. However customers have reported time after time that they use a lot less of the Slide Out products when they use our Uniform Cleaning Detergent because it removes so much more of the red clay.